07.0.0 assorted pack

CHF 99.00

The assorted pack gives the dentist the possibility to play around with new file systems. All tooth models represent true anatomies. The pack contains transparent as well as opaque models.

Product Description

tooth types molars and incisors
levels of difficulty from easy to advanced
key features separate mb2 or
2 distal canals or
Vertucci class II

This assorted pack contains the following tooth models:

2 x maxillary molar opaque 02.1.1
1 x maxillary molar transparent 02.2.1

2 x mandibular molar opaque 03.1.1
1 x mandibular molar transparent 03.2.1

2 x mandibular incisor opaque 04.1.2
1 x mandibular incisor transparent 04.2.2
(this anatomy is without access cavity)

The overall single item price would be 120 CHF, you save 20 %!



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